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We offer a range of automatic diecutters that can streamline production and increase efficiency. Diecut Global have more than 20-years of experience in servicing the industry, and pride ourselves on building strong, long term relationships with our clients.
Automatic Diecutters give you consistent results at all stages of the process – loading, feeding, cutting, stripping and delivery.

Automatic Diecutters benefit from air suction feeders. Therefore all grades of corrugated display boards on paper and plastics can be fed precisely into the front lays. As a result, cuts are more consistent. In the large chase section the machines have adjustable pressure for superb quality diecut. Fully Automatic Diecutters such as the Redline Automatic also benefit from CCTV in the stripping section. Consequently, operators have a safe and clear view of the process during operation and can manage issues quickly.

A major benefit of our automatic diecutters is the non-stop batch delivery. Here, an automatic counter will stack based on your pre-set requirements and minimise downtime.
Our Range of Automatic Diecutters
Speak to a member of our sales team to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to find out which of our range of automatic diecutters best meets your needs. Our current range includes:

Redline Automatic Diecutter
JY-1650 Top Feeder
JY-1650 Bottom Feeder die cutter
JY-1650 Leading Edge feeder
JY-106E Automatic Die-cutter
JY-106EB Blanking Die-cutter

We provide a full consultancy service that’s designed to ensure we can fulfill your needs and work with you through planning, installation, and ongoing engineering support for your automatic diecutter throughout the lifecycle to ensure that you get maximum value from your investment.

This includes both telephone support to address any operating questions, and also onsite support from our team of engineers who can address more serious issues and minimise downtimes in production for your business.

Contact Diecut Global today to speak to a member of our team who can answer all your questions.

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