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Manual Diecutter

Manual diecutters from Diecut Global offer flexibility and control over output from a qualified operator. They have a number of benefits for short production runs and thanks to the design of the loading systems, operators can work quickly and effectively to accurately produce accurate results.

Diecut Global have more than 20-years’ experience in the industry, and provide a full service from initial consulting and planning through to long term support to ensure that your business is able to find the right manual diecutter to meet your needs, and is able to benefit from long term support.

Manual Diecutters from Diecut Global

The Goldline manual diecutter offers your business the ideal solution to producing high quality packaging in a consistent manner.

The Goldline series includes a flatbed cutting service – rather than the usual clamshell. This means both a cleaner cut and also simpler loading and unloading can be achieved.

Operator safety is a key consideration with any manual loading diecutter, and this is a priority for Diecut Global. Light curtains have been included in the design to significantly reduce risk and improve safety for the operator around normal trap points.

Improved efficiency in our Goldline Manual Diecutter comes from the flatbed design. Here the operator can adjust pressure up to 500 tons electronically via a single control. This compares with a traditional clamshell design where the pressure must be adjusted manually using tools. Goldline allows the operator to switch between jobs more quickly to increase productivity. The Goldline is designed to require minimal ongoing maintenance through sealed, self-lubricating workings, and have an integrated diagnostics system accessed via touch screen to minimise downtime.

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