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Folder Gluers

Folder Gluers complete the packaging manufacturing process. Diecut Global offer a choice of folder gluers from Ace Machinery that combine high quality and strong value, along with the reputation for reliability that comes from one of the leading manufacturers of industrial equipment.

Diecut Global provide a comprehensive end to end consultancy and installation service to our clients, working closely with them from the initial phase of evaluation and planning of a new installation. Our expert team can deliver and install the folder gluer in your location and configure it ready to start working

Folder Gluers from Diecut Global and Ace Machinery

Folder Gluers from Diecut Global can be configured to output a range of products and combine quality engineering and high quality materials to ensure ongoing reliability.

The Ace Machinery Signature (VINA) edition folder gluers we offer have been designed to work consistently over time as well as providing a high level of control to operators. The conveyor system features adjustable speeds that allow for the rate of production to be altered to suit business needs and staff, while the folding section of the equipment is high friction to allow for more accurate handling.

As with all machinery sold by Diecut Global, our key value of operator safety is paramount in the design of the Ace Machinery Folder Gluers we offer.

When you buy your folder gluer from Diecut Global, you benefit from more than 20-years’ experience. This means we’re well equipped to work with you to understand the best machine for your needs and plan the installation to a high level of satisfaction. To simplify the process, we can also offer an equipment removal and disposal service for any machinery that is being made redundant by your new folder gluer.

Contact Diecut Global today to speak to a member of our team to get initial answers to your questions about folder gluers and discover how we can help you choose and install the right equipment for your business.

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