Corrugated Machines

Redline Semi Automatic Diecutter

Machine Type: Semi Automatic with Stripping and Top Feeder
Max Sheet Size: 2200 x 1700
Max Cutting Size: 2200 x 1680
Max Cutting Pressure: 500 Tons
Max Cutting Speed: 2500 s/h
Sheet Thickness: 0.5mm – 12mm Corrugated
Power: 30kw

Semi Automatic Diecutter 2100S

Machine Type: Semi Automatic with Stripping
Max Sheet Size: 2100 x 1500
Min Sheet Size: 1100 x 850
Sheet Thickness Max: 11mm Cardboard
Speed: max 2000 sph
Weight: 38 Tons
Age: 2003
Dimensions: 9770 x 6360 x 2280mm

Hand Fed Platen with Feeder

Minimum Sheet: 450 x 600
Maximum Sheet: 1000 x 1400
Cardboard Thickness Max: 6mm
Folding Cardboard Minimum Weight: gr. 350
Speed: 900 sph
Weight: 7800 kg
Dimensions: 2300 x 2200 x 1900mm
Age: 1996

Trepko Sandwich Triangular Cartoning Machine x2

With Card In-Feed to Dual Lane Manual Sandwich Placement Conveyor to REGAL `Model 10000` Card Pack Sealer – to Scottish Robotic Systems Twin Head Traverser Printer  & Stainless Steel Framed Discharge Continuous Belt Conveyor, 440mm Wide x 1700mm Long.

FT GROTE `Model 080702A 01` Continuous Belt Conveyor, 400mm Wide x 8400mm on Stainless Steel Stand with Adjustable Feet, complete with 7 : ANDERSON Connectors & Pneumatic Line Feed, AFT GROTE `Model ACCOU/S A/1` Single Blade Ultrasonic Sandwich Cutter. TREPKO Sandwich Triangular Cartoning Machine with Card In-Feed to Dual Lane Manual Sandwich Placement Conveyor to TREPKO `Model 412S` Card Pack Sealer. Domino Twin Head Inkjet Printer.


Automatic Diecutter

Size: 1410 x 1020
Power: 220 Volts
Cutting: From AB to F Flutes

Schneider Senator Guillotine

Size: 106 will cut up to B1 sheet
1050mm blade
Universal Guard System
IC2100 Computer System added to machine fully computerised
2 spare blades
Machine in working order and can be seen running

Our range of Pre-Owned Diecutters

Depending on your needs, we can help with fully tested pre-owned diecutting equipment including:

  • Pre-owned Automatic Diecutters
  • Pre-owned Semi-Automatic Diecutters
  • Pre-owned Manual Diecutters

Other Pre-Owned Equipment

Many of our clients choose Diecut for the removal of other related packaging equipment that we can provide including:

  • Pre-owned Folder Gluers
  • Pre-owned Laminators
  • Pre-owned Printer Slotters
  • Pre-owned Guillotines

Contact Diecut Global today to speak to a member of our team who can answer all your questions. We will work with you offering a full consultancy service to discuss your precise needs before identifying the correct products based on your volume requirements. We install and provide ongoing technical support to your business to keep your equipment working well for you.

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